14 Sep 2011 - 30 Sep 2011

Exhibition Opens: Wednesday 14th September, 6pm -9pm
Closing Event: Friday 30th September, 7pm - 9pm
with performance by Patrick Coyle, 8pm

Gallery Open: Thurs-Sat 12 - 5pm, September 15th-30th
The Pigeon Wing, Top Floor, Guild House, Rollins Street, SE15 1EP

Am Nuden Da | Ana Balona de Oliveira | Thomas Bush | Angus Cameron | Patrick Coyle | FSP | Tim Ivison and Julia Tcharfas | Sarah Jury | Mikko Kuorinki | Matthew MacKisack | Jean-Pierre Rampal | Rory Rowan | Matthew Thompson | Martijn in't Veld

Prescribed to orbit within an expanding and colliding multiverse, an abstract exponential approach, a geometrical web of proposals, multi-faceted and self-reflexive, an assemblage of performative utterances that prompt alternate models of political rumination = a lexicon imitating a method imposed to generate cognition through process.

> Process: prompted from Syrinx, A Pastoral Fiction, written by the poet Antonio Franco Alexandre, chosen by an impartial member of FSP.

> Narrative: formed and articulated through a set of Action Guidelines, the poem being the primary action.

Pioneered both collectively and independently, Five Storey Projects instigates an exploration into singular and plural working methods: petitioning and challenging an exchange of representation, authority and relevance. Fundamentally commencing from within our own curatorial collaboration the project broadens through the provoked works of twenty practitioners engaging with varying discourses whose contributions emerge and encircle a common axis.

For Inclusion in the Syllabi exists in two parallel and merging spaces: an exhibition and a publication.

The exhibition illustrates the process embodied by the Action Guidelines. Martijn in't Veld, Tim Ivison and Julia Tcharfas, Patrick Coyle and Matthew Thompson fragment, magnify and develop FSP’s initial explorations on utopian ideals, mathematics, lyrical structures, archival deconstruction, cosmology and constructed collectivity - prompted by the primary action, Syrinx, A Pastoral Fiction.

The publication extends the concerns of the project through numerous theoretical offshoots. In openly contributing to the system, characterised by a range of diverse perceptions and proposed metaphors, our actions engage with and interrupt the perceived wider structures we operate within. The publication's contents is disseminated with the exhibition and will also be available to download from the FSP website.

The devised system is layered, intricate and open to contingency but a system none-the-less.

Download the publication